Sunday, July 1, 2012

Spain vs Italy predictions

Administrator: Spain 1 - 1 Italy
Spain only conceded 1 goal in this tournament, but has been criticized a lot because it did not produce very attractive football. Italy played well, and some are even saying that in this final they are not the underdogs anymore. Spain dominates possession in all the games, but they just don't know how to use it, and in fact the 4-6-0 formation that they used was not that effective. Italy never lost to Spain in a competitive match, and this could be an interesting fact heading into the final. Balotelli seems to be in form, and Pirlo is also showing his world class passes. Credit goes all to Prandelli and even Del Bosque who both coaches don't talk too much in the media, but they are very attractive. For Del Bosque this is the only trophy he has yet to win, as both as a club and international level, he won everything.

Twanny: Spain vs Italy 1-2
Spain will be looking to add to their silverware tonight in a thrilling match against high-flying Italy. Spain will also be trying to defend their current title of European (and world) champions. These 2 sides have actually played each other in this tournament, which game finished in a 1-1 draw. Spain have seemingly struggled to cope with the absence of clinical striker David Villa, and in fact, apart from the match against Ireland, they never really scored as many goals as they would have liked. Italy, on the other hand, have somewhat improved since the early stages of the tournament, as evidenced by an impressive victory over ex-tournament favorites Germany. Gianluigi Buffon's advice after their last match should come in hand, since he said that Italy have to remain focused and not lose their composure. Buffon was angry at the conclusion against the Germans because he felt that the goal could have been evaded if his defense remained calm. 

Nivek04: Spain vs Italy 1-2
Italy at the final...who would have thought! They outclassed Germany on all fronts and dominated the game throughout. Spain also did well to arrive here, but unlike Italy everyone expected them to be here. They have not played their best and I believe that Portugal deserved to be at the final more than Spain because of how they played against each other. We still have not seen the Spain of the last few years. Italy are growing every game and they are now full with confidence that they can win and who can blame them. I believe that Italy have proven to be worthy opponents and ones to be feared and I think that they now will go all the way and win this title although they will have to fight hard for it. 

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