Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Movie Review: Magic Mike

It was raining men!!!

As a tribute to the fireworks of the Fourth of July, I thought it was fitting to review Magic Mike today. I mean, really, if you've seen the movie, there must have been a lot of fireworks in your eyes.

Oh my gosh. If I was watching this movie alone in my room, I would have been screaming my head off 90% of the time. I was giggling in the movie theater and I must have been annoying!

She is one lucky woman.

Mike, oh Mike. He was SO SEXY. But we all knew that already, right? When he came out for that scene when Brooke first saw him strip, hmm, that was a drooling moment. The music in itself could make someone...melt. Add Channing Tatum and his dance moves? Oh my gosh... He was the leader, the big brother, and obviously, the best in the show. Did I mention the flashes of butt?

Adam was another story. He was only 19 and was so pathetic and an idiot. He was hot, but he was dumb as the teenager he was. Alex Pettyfer definitely played that character well. I wanted the smack the crap out of him! I thought at one point, he was a goner. *breathe* He was so hot though. When Matthew McConaughey's character was teaching him some moves, he definitely had the face to make a woman scream. Something about that scene, though, I couldn't stop LAUGHING. It was funny but really sexy.

This was the scene.


There was a guy named Tarzan as one of the strippers. Was it just me or did everyone else find him repulsive? He was not attractive at all. He was just a big hunk of meat with long hair. Eek.

As for the other sexy men, they were great. It was so funny when Joe Manganiello's character was behind a white sheet and he was illuminated from behind. When he went all out, the image behind the curtain was hilarious! He definitely deserved his stripper name ;)

Brooke was Adam's sister. She was alright. She was responsible and cared a lot about her brother, which I admired.

Dallas was the big daddy of the club played by Matthew McConaughey. Uhm, don't hate me, but seriously, I don't see his appeal. He has (yes, "has" because it's not just in the movie) really bad posture, and unnaturally tanned. I've seen other movies with him, and time and again, I question his appeal. Even his voice isn't sexy. Sorry, I just don't see it.

Did you see this movie?!! Were you screaming in the theater?!!! Oh boy!!! One more picture :D

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie :D I wish there was more romance though. Even though it was almost 2 hours long, I felt like the movie could have developed more. Definitely looking for another movie!

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