Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Rangers will not take part in the Scottish Premier League

Rangers will not play in the Scottish Premier League for sure next season, after a lot of clubs rejected the proposition. Today there was the meeting of whether the clubs agreed that Rangers newco should enter the Premier League, but a good number of clubs rejected the possibility, and so the SPL chairman had no choice but to reject Rangers proposition. So the next division that Rangers will try to enter is in League One, but here there are also a number of clubs who said they reject Rangers. Also there is another problem in the Scottish League - who will replace Rangers? Will it be Dunfermline who were relegated last season, or Dundee who were runners-up? If the proposal of Rangers entering League One is also rejected, then Rangers will play in Division Three. In fact out of 30 clubs, 11 already said that they reject the proposal for rangers entering League One. Rangers had financial problems, which led the club to be liquidated, and then a new one was formed. Doncaster spoke about Rangers new options. He said that Rangers can either be placed in League One or in the third division.However the last option can have severe effects on Scottish football, as financially sponsors will go away.

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