Thursday, July 5, 2012

Goal-line technology will probably be used (UPDATED)

The goal-line technology will be discussed in a meeting in Thursday, as most probably the technology will be used, but International Football Association Board must give it the go-ahead. The results of the tests will be made available during the meeting, and after the results of the hawk-eye (similar to the one used in tennis) will be viewed, they will decide whether to accept it or not. The English and Scottish Premier Leagues are set to be among the first to introduce it. Many countries are in favor of this technology, however Michel Platini is not, and he confirmed this more than once. The law change needs the majority of votes to pass. the premier league already put an application to introduce such technology from 2012-2013, but it was stated as too soon, but the possibility of technology will be used in mid-season is present. The desire for this technology sparkled once again after Ukraine were denied a goal against England, when the ball seemed to have entered the goal-line, which however the referee assistants failed to spot. Roberto Di Matteo is one of the managers who said that the technology is really needed, as these incidents are becoming more and more apparent.


The technology is approved and will be used first in the FIFA Club world Cup in December.

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