Thursday, July 5, 2012


Nicki munches away on stage

Award winning singer/rapper Nicki Minaj Nando's restaurant staffs after she ordered £3,000 worth of their tasty take-away chicken in one go after her gig in Manchester last Thursday. Daily Star source close to the singer claimed she ordered 550 chicken legs, 300 chicken wings and 60 bottles of coke, adding it was enough to fill 'a whole car'.

In response A spokeswoman for Nando's restaurant confirmed Nicki is a fan. Hear her:
'A lot of the US artists are fans of Nando’s, like Rihanna,' she said. representative of the rapper said she probably had the order prearranged so she wouldn't miss closing time.

The Nando's in Spinningfield manchester where she made the order

'She finished her show at about 12 and she did a signing afterwards. I can't imagine Nando’s would have been open at that time. She was straight off back to America that night,' he said.
'She did a meet and greet thing after the show, and there was some after party that she went to. But I wouldn’t be surprised if she went to Nando's or had a big order from Nando's.'

Nicki's choice meals when on tour are:

For breakfast she has been known to order scrambled egg whites, turkey bacon, toast, Belgian waffles, strawberries, assorted juices and a large fruit platter.
Lunch meanwhile can consist of buckets of spicy fried chicken - no thighs, lot of wings - a large cheese platter, a deli tray filled with cold meats and a set of silverware to help shovel it all down.

With Ass like hers, well no amount of food should be too much.

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