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VBT Review: Katrina the Beginning by Elizabeth Lorraine

Katrina: The Beginning
By Elizabeth Loraine

As a Vampire being hunted was nothing new. Finding out that I had to save those that were hunting us was!

Katrina, a young royal blooded vampire, chronicles her life from the age of seventeen beginning in the 1800's forward in the series Royal Blood Chronicles.

Katrina is thrust into something she never could have imagined growing up in the aristocracy of Europe. Once the fashion of the day, and girlish gossip filled Katrina and her new friends days, but their lives changed the instant their race was threatened and they were chosen as the Five, and the protectors of not only the vampire race, but all the peaceful races of the world!

If you are looking for a new, exciting vampire series, with strong female characters you've found it in Royal Blood Chronicles. It starts here with Katrina, The Beginning!

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Action-packed right from the start!

This book really had the action from the beginning of the book until the end. It was amazing!
  • Katrina - young vampire who were trained for battle. She was very strong willed and protective of her friends. I was confused about her and her Watcher Quinn. I really thought they were in love, but as the book progressed, I guess they were not. It was mostly the blood exchange and the duty that Quinn had for her. They would always love each other but they couldn't be together.
  • Vox Brothers - Quinn, Gunter, Simon, Thomas, Cedrik, Avery, Gregor - they were the very loyal Watchers for Katrina's family. They kept them safe and trained them for battle. Sadly, Cedrik and Gregor were killed and it brought deep sadness for everyone. Gunter was the oldest and he was the one who trained Katrina and her friends - Rosa, El, and Letta.
  • Kate - Katrina's twin sister. She only found her towards the middle of the book. Up until then, she didn't know she had a sister, nor a mother.
  • Sarah - the most amazing help anyone could have. She was always thinking ahead and knew what the girls needed before they even did. She was absolutely amazing. She fussed at the girls over their messy hair all the time, but she loved them.
  • Damien - he was portrayed as the enemy in the beginning. In the course of the book, he proved himself to be trustworthy. This was very evident at the end of the book. Personally, however, I still felt uneasy about him.
  • Luena - Damien's sister - she wanted to kill Katrina. She was quite powerful and was able to control weak minds.
  • Eric - he was rescued from being held hostage. He turned out to be the person Luena was controlling. He almost killed Katrina but failed.

Overall, this was a very entertaining book. I had no trouble reading it and was very excited that the review copy I received also had the second book, The Protectors. I will post a review of that when I get the chance to read it.

Tell me in the comments: Would you like to train to be able to fight? What if I told you your trainers are sexy men?

Check out scenes I enjoyed!
Katrina & Quinn:
"Quinn!" I called, so happy to see him.

He looked up and smiled. Without even thinking, I ran over and threw my arms around him and drew him into a close embrace.

"Oh, Quinn, I missed you."

Quinn stiffened, because I'm sure my hug was quite a shock. He had never seen me react to his short absence quite like this before. He grasped my shoulders and pushed me away slightly.

"I should stay away more often," he laughed. "I do have duties, you know." He feigned a serious look, and then he smiled.

"Is not my well being one of those duties?" I asked peevishly as I folded my arms and turned my back to him.

"Of course it is."

He pulled me back towards him, his arms now crossing around my waist.

"My most important duty," he whispered in my ear.
"Would you like to make a small wager then?"

"Fine with me. How about a kiss for every time I win and a kiss for every time you win?"

"You drive a hard bargain, but I accept." 
"I need to speak with you, Father."

"Thomas, what did I tell you?"

"She's your daughter, sir. She was determined to come with or without me." I saw Quinn hide a smile as if acknowledging that he knew just what Thomas was going through.
I drank and ate my fill. Revenge was a very powerful thing, I decided and I savored the feeling of anguish and hate and committed it to memory. I knew I would draw on it when I was up against Luena. She would learn that she'd picked the wrong family to cross, and I would make sure she regretted it - just before I killed her.
Katrina and Damien:
"You know what I'd like?"

"What's that?"

"I'd like to have a whole night alone, just you and I."

"So you'd like to wine and dine me so you can have your way with me? What kind of a man do you think I am?"

"My kind."

About the Author:

I grew up in a small northern Minnesotan town married my high school sweetheart, had two beautiful children and as soon as we could we moved to a warmer climate. I have worked with my husband building and decorating custom homes for years. After loving every kind of vampire book, movie and series I decided that I wanted to know more. I can write a book I thought, how hard can that be? Well.... But I stuck to it and finished my first book Royal Blood Chronicles Book One in August 2009. I now have six books in the series and am about to release book two of my new series Phantom Lives.  My parents always told me that I could do anything that I wanted, work hard, study and do it right. I believe that and live that way every day.

I started writing this new vampire series for teens and their moms because I myself wanted something different to read. I was tired of all the modern versions of vampire books, there had to be more to these long lived beings. Where had they been what had they seen? I wanted, no I NEEDED to know more so Royal Blood Chronicles was born!  As in Royal Blood Chronicles, Phantom Lives features strong female characters and action and adventure mixed with romance, friendship and a historical backdrop. 

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