Friday, June 29, 2012


Stabbed boy
DJ Tee took to twitter to deny stabbing anybody:

@SOJIBOI_WE bro, I did not stab you…….why are people saying I picked up a bottle & stabbed you with it on your face’. SojiBoi_We is Tolani's twitter handle.

He followed up the tweet saying:

‘He [Tolani] was an extra on shoot I did today, its long story anyway he smashed a bottle against hard metal above our head. The bottle shattered and cut me and him….broken pieces that was shattered around us. The stabbing thingy was not true… was shattered broken pieces anyway. It’s all good’.

DjTEE - alleged to have stabbed upcoming act
Here's the Alleged story so far...

Popular video director, DJ Tee was accused of stabbing a 19-year-old upcoming artiste Osungade Tolani Alvin in the face and assaulting his two siblings who dared to say something - on the 28th of june, 2012. Yesterday.

TLI Soji Boi had gone along with his brother, 22-year-old Dolapo aka Deeking and younger sister, 17 year-old Mobolaji to support a fellow upcoming artiste Malcolm who was shooting his video at the Daily Times factory in Ikeja.

Eye witnesses say all was going well until DJ Tee asked for those who were to appear in the video shoot (including Tolani and Dolapo) to move on set while the others should move out of shooting range. Dolapo’s girlfriend who wasn’t supposed to appear in the shoot stayed back on set.

Apparently this angered the director as DJ Tee was said to have ‘rudely told her to get out’. ‘He started screaming for her to get out, calling her bitch and stuff’, O’tuga Suzzie, a witness said.

Dolapo, obviously upset, shouted back at DJ Tee who was alleged to have slapped him and asked his boys who were also at the shoot to beat him up...about 10 of them it was alleged
pounced on Dolapo and beat him up.

‘As Mobo screamed and watched helplessly as her elder brother was being beaten up, DJ Tee asked his boys to beat her up too. As Tolani tried to intervene in the whole matter, DJ Tee approached Dolapo to stab him with a bottle he just broke.  Tolani intervened and DJ Tee stabbed him in the face. He then had them all thrown out of the factory and continued with the shoot.’

Tolani is now receiving treatment at the Ikeja Medical Centre.

Click here to read victim's own account of the attack

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