Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sweden vs France Predictions

Administrator: Sweden 0 - 2 France
France have not lost the last 10 games against Sweden, the last one being some for 40 years ago. It's hard to imagine Sweden beating that record this time, as they have low morale and a team who basically is only Ibrahimovic. France are playing rather well, with an attacking and quick football. In my opinion they will win this match easily and have an excellent chance of winning this competition.

Twanny: Sweden vs France 0-2
France boss Laurent Blanc has warned his French side not to take the Swedish lightly, first of all because France need only a draw to venture forward in the competition and secondly because Sweden have lost both their games so far in this tournament. The Sweden coach has admitted that his side has not shown their best form so far, but he is keen to leave Poland and Ukraine on a high note and with their pride intact. Erik Hamren (Sweden coach) stated that they will play tonight's game without unwanted pressure, and he says that when he looks at the disappointment in his squad's face, he feels determined to perform better.

Nivek04: Sweden vs France 0-2
Sweden had a good game against England but still managed to loose because of horrible defending. Also if they want to win they should depend less on Ibrahimovic and focus on their wingers such as Toivonen and Rosenborg. Their dependence on Ibrahihomic is costing them every game because he feels the pressure and never performs well in big matches. France have an organised team and will be looking for a win to qualify to the next round. I believe that they have what it takes to win this one without much effort. 

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