Saturday, June 30, 2012

Euro 2020 could have a changed format

Michel Platini said that Euro 2020 could be spread across different countries across Europe instead of 1 country hosting it. Although he said this, it's not final yet, as UEFA are still discussing the possibility. Turkey were emerging favorites to host this event, however the possibility of hosting also the Olympics in the same year can prove to be difficult. Scotland, Wales and Republic of Ireland also showed and expressed their interest in hosting the Euro 2020. Michel Platini said that the final decision should be taken in either January or February. He said that this is an idea that he really likes, and also it will reduce the financial burden that such an event have. He said that UEFA can't wait until Turkey knows whether it will host the Olympics or not, and that's why a decision need to be taken. This idea also means that no new stadiums are required to be built. Platini also took the time to object to goal-line technology, as he believes that the technology could kill the thrill of the game.

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