Friday, June 29, 2012

No single top scorer?

This year's Euro 2012 has brought many surprises in its run, with Holland not picking up a single point and Italy eliminating winner favourites Germany. Along with these, the top scorer award may cause some drama, as so far there is no player that has scored more than anyone else. So far, Mario Balotelli, Mario Gomez, Alan Dzagoev, and Mario Mandzukic and Cristiano Ronaldo have all scored 3 goals, with several other players chasing the leading pack with 2 goals each. Among the latter, the most notable (and who still have a chance to add to their tally) are Fernando Torres, Cesc Fabregas, and Xabi Alonso.

On the official UEFA website, players who have scored the same amount of goals are listed in ascending order according to the time that player has played. So, statistically Dzagoev is first. However this does not mean that the award will necessarily go to him, should no change arise in the scorer list. Given the impressive performance displayed last night, Balotelli seems to be the hottest prospect and also has the highest chance to win the award, especially if taking into consideration that if Spain choose to play without a striker (as they have done quite a few times this tournament), Torres' chances are reduced, and Fabregas, along with Alonso, are both midfielders, so they may have to produce something special to leapfrog into first place.

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