Monday, June 18, 2012

Grandpa Day!

Father's Day weekend was spent with a lot of amazing men, including my grandfather, Oscar.  Saturday night,  we wined and dined with him at one of our favorite restaurants at the Biltmore. Judging by my Grandpa's face I think he thoroughly enjoyed himself.  This smile was important to me!  My own father is thousands of miles away but he was also appreciated as well!

On Friday, I received some horrific news that a family friend lost his dad unexpectedly while they were on vacation. My heart hurts for this family since they had to spend their Father's day weekend reflecting and mourning the man they lost.  Heartbreaking.   It made me so THANKFUL to have my father and grandpa in my life.  Life is short so you have to appreciate your loved ones!

That's why----this father's day------ Grandpa got spoiled with love!

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