Friday, June 22, 2012

Bridesmaid dress panic!

Yesterday morning, I decided to call the bridal store where I had ordered my bridesmaid dress for Kimber's wedding.  I ordered the dress in March and it should have arrived in early June.  To my dismay, the store's number was disconnected. I immediately re-dialed and still got the same message.  Then I started to Google and found this  Yes, the store did indeed close.  Hmmmmm.. this means I still don't have a bridesmaid dress and the wedding is 3 months away as of today!  You can probably imagine the straight manic in my face.  You also have to keep in mind that it usually takes bridesmaid dresses 3 months to be made and shipped.

My journey of calling my credit card and the designer yesterday was TONS of FUN (I say that sarcastically) .  Finally after a few hours, I got some good news from the designer that they could get me a dress here by July 13th!!  Hallelujah!   Let's just hope I get a refund from the original purchase I made with the bridal shop.  I'm still crossing my fingers on that one..

THANK GOD it's FRIDAY!!  Here's to the weekend!

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