Monday, June 18, 2012

Bendtner's punishment raises eyebrows on UEFA

Nicklas Bendtner received a fine of £80,000 plus a 1 match ban for showing his pants with the logo of a betting company. This is a real shame from UEFA, as Croatia last week got a fine of only £20,000 for racism (against Balotelli), fireworks and even pitch invasion! This shows that the priorities of UEFA are shameful! If you think that maybe this is a mistake think again: this year Porto got a fine of only £16,000 after their fans made monkey and donkey chants towards Balotelli for the WHOLE match, and yet just by showing your underpants with a logo of a betting company (and maybe even not knowing that his underpants were showing) you get a 5 times higher fine. In fact the UEFA found Bendtner was found guilty of improper behavior, the same sentence given to the FA's and Porto. 

When Bendtner was questioned about his shorts, he said that they were the lucky shorts that he used in the beginning of the tournament, and so he did not know that he was breaking any rules. The player will also miss Denmark's opening match of the World Cup Qualifying match and has 3 days to appeal. I would like to end to say that the discrepancies in the fines as shameful by UEFA as it shows that racism and hooliganism is not on top of its priority! 

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