Thursday, June 14, 2012

Spain vs Republic of Ireland Predictions

Administrator: Spain 3 - 0 Ireland
Spain will play the same way against Italy but also Ireland, but as one can see Ireland in no way are the same as Italy. The defense of Ireland also showed that it can succumb in pressure. Ireland players know that they expect a defeat as they are saying that anything can happen, so they have confidence that they will try their best at getting a result. But in no way I can see Ireland score, let alone win or draw this game. Maybe I exaggerated in the score but Spain knows, that it can all be played down to goals to determine who will be the winner and runner-up of this group.

Twanny: Spain vs Republic of Ireland 2-0
Spain will be looking to defend their title, so it is vital that they win this match. With this being said, Spain will probably try to attack more, and Republic of Ireland will probably try to hit them on the counter. It is noteworthy to say that in the first half against Italy, Spin did not have a striker, but attacking midfielders who sometimes entered that position. I believe that if they utilise a striker such as Negredo or Fernando LLorente, they can have more shots towards the Rep. of Ireland's goal. Republic of Ireland will have to make the most out of every free-kick or corner they obtain, since they may pose a serious threat with their physique (considering the Spanish team is not exactly a physically strong one).

Nivek04: Spain vs Republic of Ireland 3-1
Spain may not have started as they wanted in this competition and will be looking to grab their first 3 points here today. Ireland have disappointed a lot. For a team to concede 3 goals and never be in the game is a hard blow for anyone and they will want to give their fans something to cheer about. Spain will have the upper hand here and a win for them is predicted.

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