Thursday, June 14, 2012

Italy vs Croatia Predictions

Administrator: Italy 1 - 1 Croatia
After 1994, from 5 games Italy has never beat Croatia. After Italy obtained a draw against Spain, in this game Italy will be more daring, and since Italy's midfield will be more challenging than Ireland's was, it could put pressure on Croatia. Croatia on the other hand played exceptionally well against Ireland, and the only mistake they made was in the goal. Italy's defense is not easy to break up, and so they will not score that easy as they did against Ireland.

Twanny: Italy vs Croatia 1-2
Italy are confident they have what it takes to qualify from their group after having drawn against World Cup champions Spain. Croatia, after having one their first match, could have a very big chance of passing from the group with a win against Italy, a team which the media has tipped as disappointing when compared to previous Italy line-ups. Despite the odds are stacked in Italy's favor, I think that Croatia will pull off an upset here.

Nivek04: Italy vs Croatia 2-1
After their excellent performance against Ireland, Croatia will be high on morale and a win here can guarantee them a place quarter finals. Italy on the other hand have impressed as well against Spain, playing to their level and managing to grab a point. Both teams will be looking for a win tonight and I believe that Italy will take this, although it will be a close one.

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