Sunday, June 10, 2012

Spain 1 - 1 Italy (full-time) UPDATED

An exciting match ending in a draw

Spain are controlling the possession, but Italy holding rather well, and in fact Italy came the closest at opening the score more than once. Spain are being patient to crack down Italy's defence although with 5 at the back it's not going to be easy. Spain's first chance came from Silva when he received the corner from Xavi, but the ball ended high. Balotelli had a chance of a shot but it was deflected in a corner. Italy came close to score when a free-kick by Pirlo was saved by Casillas. Ramos came close to losing the ball at a very dangerous position but he recovered rather well with a very nice flick. Spain had a lot of possession but very few chances uptill this time. The first yellow card came from Balotelli as he appeared very nervous.Spain's shots were being blocked. Italy came close when a header by Cassano was saved by Casillas, and a shot by Marchisio, a rather powerful shot but central, was saved rather easily by Casillas. Spain came close after Iniesta receieved a ball controlled it a tried a chip, but the ball ending a bit high.

2nd half

If one was happy by the performance, then the second half made him ecstatic, as the match was one of the most exciting until now. Fernando Torres was already warming up in the half, and many were expecting him to enter from time to time. Balotelli was presented with a golden opportunity to score, as Ramos lost a ball in a very dangerous area, but he was very slow in either shooting or passing, and Ramos recovered and cleared the danger. Until now Spain was frustrated, as Italy were closing everything. And finally in 60th minute Di Natale scored on a counter attack, as he came on just a few minutes before instead of Balotelli. Credit for the perfect pass of Andrea Pirlo.

But the goal was short-lived, as just 3 minutes after the goal Fabregas entered the box, and Iniesta gave him the pass and shot straight into the back of the net. 2 substitutions took place as Jesus Navas replaced Silva, and Giovinco replaced Cassano. Jordi Alba was presented a chance after good work from Navas, but his shot was wide. Torres entered and could have opened the score immediately, as he was one-on-one with Buffon, but his chip ended over. Di Natale could have made it 2-1, but he shot wide, and then it was all Spain, as Torres again lost a one-on-one, and a shot by Xavi ended safely in the hands of Buffon.

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