Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Samir Nasri apologizes after outburst at journalist

Samir Nasri apologized for the comments he made after France were eliminated, which could lead him to have a lengthy ban from France Football Federation. Nasri said that he sincerely regrets the incident and apologized for his bad language. Nasri had already had a problem in the Euro 2012, when he celebrated with a "shut it" expression towards French journalists. This time it was worst, as he used swearing towards a journalist, while also challenging him to a fight. The FFF said that is considering to discipline the player, with some are saying even that the ban could be 2 years! Nasri took the time also to say that there are a lot of lies circulating, but he wants to apologize especially to the kids, who consider him as their hero. He added that this is a personal matter towards a few journalists, and he will explain the meaning of this when the time is right, which is not now.

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