Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pink Spotlight (2)

This week I have both book and beauty hauls :)


First up, I received two awesome books from my partner Kayla! She sent me one YA and one adult ARC for my birthday :) How awesome, right? Make sure to check out her blogs when you're done here: Bengal Reads (YA) and Reading on the Wild Side (adult partner). Thank you, Kayla! The books were beautiful!

Next, I won a book from Ruth Hill over at My Devotional Thoughts in the Lazy Summer Giveaway :) She asked me to send an author (or a list of author) that I wanted to read but don't own any book from them yet. She surprised me with the book below. I was ecstatic! Thank you, Ruth!

This next book, I won from a giveaway by Gabrielle from Mod Podge Bookshelf. Originally, she told me I was going to receive Goddess Test, but she made a mistake. I was actually going to receive Goddess Interrupted. So now I have to enter giveaways for the first book, instead of the second book LOL! Thank you Gabrielle for holding the giveaway!

I already have this next book, but I thought I would get this copy because it has the TV show cover and I thought maybe I will give it away later. On looking at the cover a second time, I'm wondering whether I should keep it instead. The book was $0.25 and paid for by the book seller at our local "Friends of the Library" bookstore. I love free books and awesome book sellers!

Next up, the real reason I was at the library. Nowadays, I don't request books from the library because as some of you know, I win a lot of books and have a mountain of books to read. However, with this book, I made an exception. I would stop everything to read this book: Golden Lily by Richelle Mead. The second book in the Bloodlines series. It looks so beautiful, doesn't it?!!

On another day, I was at the library again and decided to stop by the bookstore. Of course, I came away with another book for $0.50. *Sigh* I don't think I would have a consistent collection for this series as far as cover goes.

As my luck would have it, I won the Debut Author Giveaway hosted by Mickey from I'm A Book Shark. I chose Sweet Evil because I've heard good things about this book. Thanks Mickey!

I don't know how well I can keep this up, but in from now on, I will try to keep up with the ebooks that I won/received for review and showcase them here as well. So, check out below the ebooks I've received since the first Pink Spotlight back in June 10, 2012. (P.S. Any book sent to me for R.A.K. will be in the wrap-up post)

Gifted by the author for review.
Won from a giveaway
Won from a giveaway - had so much trouble downloading it from Net Galley - I hate that place.


I went to Walmart a couple weeks ago and realized I didn't have a big list of things to buy, so I decided to browse the cosmetics section. Of course, knowing me, I came away with a few things. I got a new brand of lip balm and two eye shadows from Maybelline (Vanilla and Made for Mocha for my brows).

So, that is all I've got in the past couple weeks. Everything I bought in Vegas is in my wrap-up post here.

Tell me in the comments:
Book: How soon should I read Divergent? I am absolutely SWAMPED with review books, but if I get any breathing room, I usually pick up a book that I really want to read and breeze through it. Do you think Divergent should be that next book?

Beauty: What would you recommend for an affordable blush? I have yet to afford NARS or MAC blushes so I'm looking for maybe a drugstore one? Also I probably should get more brushes because right now, I'm using one brush for three products - powder, blush, bronzer - I'm pretty sure that's not good.

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