Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rangers captain and goalkeeper refuse transfer of contract

More and more players are rejecting the transfer of contract, and yesterday night, 2 key figures refused also the transfer of contract; these are the captain Steven Davis and goalkeeper Allan McGregor. Their lawyers, who also represent Kyle Lafferty and Jamie Ness, confirmed the moves. Steven Naismith and Steven Whittaker sent a legal letter to the club that they refuse transfer of contract, while Sone Aluko and Rhys McGabe expressed their uncertainty. The 4 players are being represented by the law firm Bridge Litigation. The only 2 players confirming publicly that they will stay are Lee Wallace and Lee McCulloch, and so more players could be on the move.

The law firm Bridge Litigation sent a letter to the club, and also to the Scottish Football Association to give the players their release. They said that the way they are acting are with regulations under TUPE an so they can terminate their contract. They also said that Rangers newco, will most probably not play in the premier division, and also playing in the first division is doubtful, so this situation is not pleasant for the players. They said the players already had a significant pay cut voluntarily to help Rangers, so that no staff will lose their jobs, so the Rangers should let the players. The law firm concluded by saying that hopefully, the decision by FIFA and SFA will be taken soon, so that the players can begin searching for a new club. McGregor and Davis are a big blow, as they were key figures at Rangers. In fact McGregor came from the youths in 2001, and Davis from Fulham in 2008, were he was instrumental to Rangers.

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