Sunday, June 10, 2012

New Book Haul Feature: Pink Spotlight

One day, I just woke up and decided "I'm going to stop filming "Books I've Won" videos." I just didn't think it was worth continuing anymore. They don't get a lot of views, and I personally prefer not to watch book haul videos myself, so why force everyone else to watch mine?

So, I decided to just take pictures of the books I receive for that week and feature it on the blog that way. I decided that this feature would be called PINK SPOTLIGHT. It was the first one that came to me and it was the one that stuck to me. Let me know in the comments if you like that name and if you like the banner! :) The other option I had was "Hollywood's Book Haul" but I thought that was a bit much ;)

Without further ado, this week's Pink Spotlight!
Note: 2 of these books were already mentioned in my #RAK Wrap-Up Post, but I thought they deserve to be on the spotlight again - this time with the actual pictures of the book and what came with them!

Thanks again to Stephanie from A Dream Within A Dream for the beautiful hardback copy of Fever by Lauren DeStefano!

Next up, we have the amazing Jen from Jen Ryland / YA Romantics who sent me Last Rite by Lisa Desrochers - the last book in the Personal Demons trilogy! Thanks a bunch again!

For this next one, I was BEYOND EXCITED when I found out I won this book! I was bursting with happiness! Thank you to Sue from Satin's Book Corner for this amazing SIGNED book and the awesome swags!

Can anyone tell me what that swag at the bottom is? I can't seem to figure out what it does.

I was excited to get a notification that I won a Richelle Mead poster!!! I would totally bring this to her signing on June 18 but I think that might be overkill. I think I'll just bring Last Sacrifice (VA #6) and Bloodlines for her to sign! Woop! Thank you to Emma from Novel Minded for the awesome poster!

This next one was a 2-in-1 win because I won a swag giveaway as well as a book giveaway from the same blogger at the same time. Thank you Laura from Colorimetry for the awesome swags and the SIGNED Under the Never Sky book! Oh, and of course, the Kit-Kats! I love them :D

As luck would have it, I won a paperback copy of Rae of Hope by W.J. May. A very wonderful gift for writing a great review and hosting, if I may say so, a successful twitter party. Thank you W.J. May for the amazing book and swags!

As most of you probably know, I enter many giveaways and win probably 2% of them, maybe more if I'm feeling lucky. So, with this next one, I could barely remember entering for it, but I was very excited when I got it in the mail. The cover is beautiful, isn't it? Thanks to Jen from Romancing the Book and author Darcy Burke for signing the book! :)

Finally, the moment I was waiting for.... I received my business cards on June 5, 2012!!! I was so excited and thought I'd show you what they look like! I covered my phone number for security purposes ;) Aren't they beautiful! I got 250 of the purple one and 250 of the coral one - all for $21.99 from Vista Print! Ask me how I did it in the comments :)

Thank you again to everyone who made this first official Pink Spotlight such an All-Star post :D

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