Wednesday, June 27, 2012

ModelSpotting: BERNARNO VELASCO - The 23 yr. old model from Brazil

Brazil again! Oh well, we just have to be thankful God made Brazil hahaha! :o) 

I just posted a few minutes ago and I just can't help it, I just need to share this set. Bernardo Velasco is one of the youngest and hottest models right now and there is good reason. An angelic face that can launch a thousand imaginations. :o) 

Sigh... Just a long deep sigh... 

Here's what Bernardo has to say:
"Hey welcome to my page.. My name Bernardo Velasco is, I am a boy 22 years, began working as a model since last year and I have managed to make fashion and commercial campaigns, dividing my work with the completion of my degree in Physical Education. My body is maintained with great sculptural ejercício.siempre play sports like soccer, swimming and tennis."

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