Saturday, June 23, 2012


After parading and dancing with his new and hot boy-toy on the Season 11 American Idol finals, Jennifer Lopez's man meat Casper Smart is getting quite famous as a fellow dancer reveals Casper Smart Is Gay & Only With J.Lo For Fame". 

This is the headline from RadarOnline which according to the webloid, is the tweet of fellow dancer Joshua Lee Ayers. He has also written such things as “Check out Ur boy… And his low key homo ways.”

In a tweetpic (shown above) shared by Ayers, Smart is seen shirtless, wearing stuffed gold shorts and a sparkly belt — surrounded by other dudes in their underwear. Ayers also tweeted, “I know what I know, Not love, a lot of business and public relations.”

Jennifer Lopez's rep says that Smart is "not gay" and that Ayer's tweets are simply due to some petty jealousy.

Oh well.... You be the judge and just check the pic. What do you think? Let me know ayt? Toink! :o)

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