Saturday, June 16, 2012

Greece 1 - 0 Russia (full-time) UPDATED

After just 5 minutes of play, Greece obtain a dangerous corner which the Russian goalkeeper clears away. Russia issue a strong reply with a cross that finds Arshavin in the six yard box but his shot ends up in the keeper. In the 26th minute, Russia break down a Greek attack and pass the ball quickly to Shirkov, who fires a shot and wins a corner, but which is then wasted. Penalty claims by the Russians were denied as 3 players go down in the box in the 38th minute. Dangerous shot by Zhirkov as he blasts the ball to the top corner but just misses after the ball arrived to his feet from a corner. Karagounis opens the score for the Greeks in the stoppage time of the first half, after Russia misplaced a header, which fell to the Greek captain's feet and who slotted it past Malafeev. 

2nd half

Not much happening early in the second half, with Russia trying to slowly build up chances and Greece pumping the ball forward to Samaras whenever they have the chance. The first chance came when Samaras tackled a Greek player but the ball still came to Shirokov's feet, who blazes wide from a good shooting opportunity. In the 70th minute Greek player Tzavellas fired in a free kick from outside the area which hammered the top right corner of the Russians' goal. Russia continued to try and create chances, but was let down by its finishing. This win means that Greece qualify and Russia are eliminated, taking into consideration The Czechs' win over Poland. 

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