Saturday, June 9, 2012

First racist chants reported in a match

There were racist chants during Russia vs Czech Republic, from Russian fans, and these were directed towards  Theodor Gebre Selassie as he was the only black Czech player. The report was confirmed Fare (Football Against Racism in Europe) who said that although it was not easy to build a case, there was racist chants from a small crowd. Fare was appointed by UEFA to see and report incidents like these. This report came just 48 hours after the first racial chants were heard in the training session of Netherlands. In the match there was also some violence when a small group of Russian fans attacked the stewards in the ground walkway. The video also emerged online, and UEFA also confirmed the report. The report also said that the local police are looking for the culprits. The reason of what happened is still unknown but as UEFA said; the main objective is the security of all the fans. Let's just hope that we will see no more incidents. 

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