Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Fighter: Eliza Lyn

Kevin Milz Photography,

Kevin Milz Photography,

Where do I begin?  Well... Three weeks ago, as some of you may remember Carey had her baby shower.  Little did we know, Baby Eliza was going to grace this earth almost a week later.  I remember getting a text message from Carey that Monday morning stating "I'm going into an emergency c-section."  I can remember my heart dropping and thinking...wait...wait....the baby isn't due till July 22.   Also, when did Carey have time to text all her friends when she's about to have a baby??!!  haha  Love that Carey!

As I said before, Baby Eliza graced this earth on June 11, 2012 at 2lbs 7oz.  

Immediately, she was surrounded with love, family, friends and a lot of prayers. As you can imagine, the last two weeks have been challenging for my friends, Carey and Kyle.

Their days are filled with one main objective: ounces.  Gaining Ounces!   From what I've heard, Baby Eliza is a fighter and a good eater as well!  She's fighting for her ounces.  Each day, we get an update on if she has gained an ounce!  Each time we hear the wonderful news, it's rejoiced throughout Facebook!

The another day, I enjoyed reading this status from Carey's dad that read:

Many of you have asked.....How can you help??  Here's how you can:  MEAL TRAIN!  Click Here.  This will help with their time and allow them to focus on their hospital visits with their daughter. Who ever thought of this idea... is BRILLIANT!

Miss Meredith had to opportunity to meet Baby Eliza this week.....take some time to read her blog. CLICK HERE.

Please keep my friends and their beautiful daughter in your thoughts and prayers. 

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