Saturday, June 23, 2012

Darren Bent: "Aston Villa will do great next year!"

Darren Bent is confident that under their new boss Aston Villa will do great, as the club has promising players which Lambert is putting his faith on. Last year Aston Villa had a terrible year, where they were nearly relegated under Alex McLeish, one of the most terrible performance of the club in recent history. The president of Aston Villa was not happy, and immediately looked to build a new squad under a new manager, and Paul Lambert, who guided Norwich in recent years, was the ideal man for this job. Darren Bent said that he had a talk with the coach and together they said that the club has some promising youngsters, although there are some positions which needs reinforcements. Darren Bent said that last season some youngsters had to face immediate pressure which for them was a bit too hard to handle. He's confident that this year they will perform better as now they have some experience.

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