Friday, June 15, 2012

Sweden vs England Predictions

Administrator: Sweden 0 - 1 England
Defensively England played well against France, but they must open more to get a win against Sweden. England always found it hard to beat Sweden. Last match against France many were disappointed at the way England played, but they managed to get an important draw. Sweden played, on the other hand, pretty badly. Although they could have scored in the final seconds, they played very bad. Sweden depends a lot on Ibrahimovic and maybe that's the problem.

Twanny: Sweden vs England 1-2
England are in the same situation of France, so they would also like to win this match to keep their chances open. Sweden are recognised as a team whcih always give England a hard time, and captain Ibrahimovic will try to ensure just that. Striker Wayne Rooney will also have to sit this one out, but fortunately for England, if they lose this match, they still could qualify under certain circumstances by winning their last, and the retrieval of Rooney could be just what they need.

Nivek04: Sweden vs England 1-2
Sweden (or should I say Ibrahomovic) are not organised at all. Their defense is awful and they loose possession of the ball far too easily. They rely too much on Ibrahimovic and he slows the game a lot when the Swedes are good on the counter. England defended very well against France but they will have to attack more to win this game if they hope to qualify for next round. I think that Sweden need to rely less on Ibrahimovic and rely more on their two other strikers (Rosenborg and Toivonen) they are young and fast and can do a lot of damage to their opposition. England have to attack more so it will be a nice game to watch. England will win this one I think.

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