Monday, June 25, 2012

Sunderland secured new sponsorship deal

Sunderland secured a deal with Invest in Africa to be the sponsors of the shirt, with the president of Sunderland saying that this sponsorship will help the club internationally. The club also confirmed that this deal is the greatest commercial partnership ever for Sunderland, and will see the organisation 'Invest in Africa' for 2 years sponsorship. This deal will also help Sunderland financially, as it will help sales in foreign countries. even though Africa is perceived as a poor continent, but statistics show that there are million of middle-class people who can boost the clubs sales. The president said that the fans will only wait a few more months before they publish the accounts showing how much money this sponsor will give. He also added that this could be an opportunity in the future as Africa can become a more richer continent and so when this happens, they would already have a base there. "Invest in Africa' is an organisation telling companies to invest there, so that it will not continue to be perceived as a poor continent. The manager of Sunderland, was happy with this deal.

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