Saturday, June 23, 2012

Spain 2 - 0 France (full-time) UPDATED

A good Spanish team until the half. where France tried defending and then tried attacking, although it's not easy to attack the Spanish team. The game started well when Xabi Alonso tried to find Jordi Alba, but Rami cleared the danger away. France responded with Frank Ribery, where he attempted to find Benzema, but Sergio Ramos cleared the ball with an excellent tackle. Spain tried to operate from the wings especially from Clichy's side who appeared to be out of position more than once. Xabi Alonso robbed the ball and then tried his luck from half the pitch to surprise Lloris, but the keeper was alert and grabbed the ball comfortably. France appeared to be defending well. Fabregas claimed a penalty when he claimed that he has been fouled by Clichy but the referee let the play continue, and replays showed that the referee made the right choice. But Spain found an opening from Jordi Alba when he crossed the ball and Xabi Alonso had a free header who headed in the back of the net. Poor defending from Clichy.

Spain continued to build on the score when Silva dribbled past 2 players but the final pass to Xavi was cut by France's defense. France had a chance from a free-kick which was taken beautifully from Cabaye and forced Iker Casillas to clear in a corner. Spain's players appeared to be everywhere as the midfield players do not have a fixed position, but incredibly they cover every inch of the pitch. Ribery tried to cross to the striker after a good work from him, but Spain cleared easily. Fabregas then tried to exchange the ball with Iniesta but Koscniely was alert and cleared into a corner. Spain closed the half in attacking mode, Iniesta tried searching Fabregas but Clichy cleared away. The total passes of spain were twice those of France, incredible!

2nd half

A very, very boring half, with France appeared to be chasing ghosts, and Spain happy with the 1 goal advantage and so happy to pass the ball around. Laurent Blanc may have made the mistake of not starting Nasri and Menez, but even when they entered, France did not create any chances. Benzema seemed to be alone, and he needed support, which was not there throughout the whole match. France never appeared to create any problems for Spain. Spain passed the ball around beautifully with no rush, although France also appeared with no rush, even if they were behind. Spain tried to create something between Fabregas and Silva, but Rami cleared the ball away. Cabaye tried a cross but it was cleared away, and with a counter attack Fabregas nearly beat Lloris but the latter saved the chance. Benzema then had a chance but he fired way, way over! Alonso tried to find Xavi, but Rami again was alert and cleared. France did not create even a shot on target in this half. Spain appeared in total control. France appeared nowhere. In the final minutes Spain was given a penalty and Alonso scored the second goal of the match.

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