Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sepp Blatter: "Goal-line technology is now a necessity" 

Sepp Blatter said that the goal-line technology is still needed, as was evidenced by the controversy in the match England vs Ukraine yesterday. Sepp Blatter always was resistant towards the use of such technology, but after seeing yesterday's incident, Blatter changed hi mind. 2 years ago England were denied a goal when the ball went over the line, and that controversy made Blatter add another 2 assistant referees near the goal posts to help the referee. But this was not successful as was evidenced in yesterday's match. However Platini is still not in favor of such technology, as he is in favor of the 5 match official system, which in my opinion showed that it failed. Devic goal was in, but the assistant referee still failed to spot it and so it proves that the system failed and so technology is needed. Other sports use technology efficiently such as tennis, rugby, volleyball, athletics and many others.

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