Thursday, June 14, 2012


Late RaMarley Graham unharmed 18 year old shot by a cop 

NYPD Officer Richard Haste, 30, chased the Ramarley Graham an unharmed 18 year-old home during a standard sweep/raid of his “drug-infested” neighborhood on February 2nd. Haste and a second officer followed Graham into his family home, broke down a back door and confronted the teen at the top of the stairs and demanded Graham showed his hands...The teenager reached for his waistband, according to Haste, the NYPD officer fired. When Graham's home was searched no guns were found after the shooting, but a quantity of marijuana was found in the toilet.

The NYPD officer shot Graham at point-blank range once in the chest, and was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. Officer Haste and the officer who accompanied him into the home were later stripped of their badges and guns pending an investigation.

After Haste surrendered this morning, a lawyer for the NYPD officer said his client understands the need for investigation and is preparing for trial.

His statement:
“It’s always difficult but he has been very strong. He understands the seriousness of these charges and he also feels for the family and understands the tragic nature that there has been a loss of life.” Haste continued, “So at this point he is surviving the day and we’ll move forward to get ready for trial.”
The courtroom after the NYPD officer posted $50,000 bail and was freed.  

Graham's father Frank Malcolm commented, amidst tears.

“Haste is going home to his family. When we leave here we’re going to the cemetery. I keep asking why. Why did he kill our son? Why, why, did he kill our son? 18 years old. 18. He did nothing to deserve this.”
The NYPD officer’s hearing today had both a heavy presence of fellow policemen

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