Sunday, June 17, 2012

Movie Review: Thor

I truly enjoyed this movie. I think I'm starting to like superhero movies :) Check out my ongoing commentary during the movie!

Thor was incredibly arrogant! I've never seen one like him before! When he was exiled to Earth, he still thought he had powers.

"You are no match to the mighty---" and he was knocked off.

He sure had a nice body. Totally yummilicious. Still thinking he was still a god, he was so demanding for sustenance.

"I like this. I want another! (smash cup onto floor)" So adorable! He even smiled for a Facebook picture!

It was utterly ridiculous how the government examined Thor's hammer like it's some kind of science experiment. They make me sick.

Hawkeye was in this movie!!! Such an awesome character he was despite being human!!

Thor was a gigantic warrior compared to humans.

"We drank, we fought, he made his ancestors proud." Can he be any sexier??

Thor was sexy with his cape and Earth did him a lot of good. He fell in love :) but now he could never see her again. :'(

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