Saturday, June 16, 2012

Milan most probably will not bring big names

after the recent hype surrounding Thiago Silva for a possible move to Paris saint-Germain, many are doubting that no big names will arrive at Milan this summer, even though Ibrahimovic declared that the team should be strengthened. Milan keeping Thiago Silva may be there most important transfers this year after the club refused an offer of €45 million. In fact Adriano Galliani declared that if it wasn't for Berlusconi Silva would have been sold as the club needs money, not only to buy new players but also to cover the losses the club is making. It was also thanks to the persistent cried of Milan fans as they wanted the player to stay with Cassano saying that without him they will not compete. Now Milan are discussing new contract talks with Thiago Silva as his agent wants near €12 million a year that he was going to receive with PSG. And this again can cause more problems for the Milan, even for the future should they give him the sum that he wants. 

Adriano Galliani said that when he and Silvio Berlusconi talked about who will replace Thaigo Silva, they mentioned a few players, but none were that adequate to replace him, and that's why Berlusconi refused the offer. The team also is based around Thiago Silva, with the team relying on his defensive skills but also on his long balls. In fact he is the most player that has the most correct passes, with 91%, and also the one with the most accurate long balls at Milan. Also data issued showed that Thiago Silva also was ahead of Pique in the list showing who did the most defensive duties in the world. The problem of Silva seems to be however injury problems, as this year he aggravated the muscular injury and the player could not play the last games of the season. 

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