Friday, June 15, 2012

LADY GAGA's perfume FAME | Photo leak

Numerous fashion editors have been leaking various photos of the bottle and hints of packaging for the much talked about fragrance "Fame" by Lady Gaga

In her twitter, Gaga says "Looks like photos of my perfume are being leaked. Oh you fashion editors I could just crinkle my hands at you! lol." 

Well, this time you need not worry if those are real of not because Miss Gaga has tweeted the first official photo! She says that it is the first ever Black Eau De Parfum - something that would worry some little monsters who like to wear white, but wait! The black perfume apparently turns invisible the moment it goes airbourne! Cool huh?! 
And knowing Lady Gaga, she's no just going to settle for something less than excellent! Definitely, this perfume will be amazing! 

We wonder though, is there a version for boy monsters? Hmmm....

Toink! :o) 

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