Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Jamie Ness rejects Rangers transfer of contract UPDATED

After Naismith and Whittaker said that they will reject the proposal to transfer their contract, today Jamie Ness said that he will do the same, especially since Rangers could end up in lower leagues. the new club is unlikely to gain enough votes to transfer the share of Rangers in the Scottish Premier League to the new club, and so players at Rangers are beginning to become uncertain, as some are unwilling to stay at the club. Rangers need the vote to be at least 8-4 to take part in the premier League, but half of the clubs already said that they will vote against. Steven Naismith and Steven Whittaker were amongst the first who said that they reject Rangers proposal of transfer of contract, after Sone Aluko and Rhys McGabe revealed that they are unsure what to do. Today Jamie Ness said that he will do the same, as more players are expected to reject Rangers proposal.

Kyle Lafferty also declared that he will reject Rangers proposal!

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