Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Greece 1 - 2 Czech Republic (full-time) UPDATED

The start of day 2 was no different from the first for the Greek side, as yet again the first half was a real disaster for them. Czech Republic made their intentions clear in the match as they scored 2 goals after just 10 minutes. Rosicky was the midfield boss today together with Jiracek as they dominated the possession throughout the whole half. after just 3 minutes Tomas Hubschman made a through ball to Jiracek and scored the first goal of the game. Barely  minutes passed and Theodor Gebre Selassie entered the box, and passed in the central midfield, the Greek keeper could not clear the ball enough and Vaclav Pilar scored the second goal for the Czechs.

Czech Republic continued to press as again Gebre Selassie advanced the right, but Jiracek's ball was too long for the right back as a return pass. Greece tried with the free kicks but the first one went straight into Petr Cech's arms. Pilar could have mad them 3 as his shot misses the net just by a few inches. Greece were founding it hard to operate and even to build possession as Czech republic pounced on every chance they could find. First yellow card was given to Rosicky for dangerous play. Greece has never conceded 2 goals in the qualification these 2 years. Rosicky and Gebre Selassie tried to combine as passes between these 2 was awesome today, but the ball was lost at the last moment. Greece had a goal at the 40th minute ruled out for offside after a header by Fotakis, but replays shown that it was not an offside, although it was difficult to conclude for sure. The Greeks surely must change things especially in the right side as Rosicky, Gebre Selassie and Jiracek has done a lot of damage.

2nd half

In the second half we saw a more lively Greece, but the biggest surprise was from Czech Republic, as Rosicky was substituted immediately. Czech Republic looked at controlling the result as Greece took hold of possession, especially after Rosicky wasn't more in the field. Greece scored early in the half, Samaras cross was lame but Cech made a grave mistake and lost the ball easily, and Gekas shot and scored an easy goal.

The goal boosted the Greek morale but there was no urgency as theer were still 30 minutes left. The best player of the field was undoubtley Czech Republic right back Gebre Selassie, and if he continues to play like this, he will surely grab the attention of big clubs. As time went by Greece pressed more, and some were even feeling that the goal was going to come soon. Greece started crossing from all areas of the field to the box but the Czech held well. Jose Hiolebas crossed the ball dangerously but Czech republic recovered well Mitroglou could only foul Kadlec, and the danger was cleared immediately. Czech Republic performance was nowhere near the first half performance, as Greece pushed more and more forward. Greece had 4 forwards but could not penetrate, as the supply was always from long balls. The Czechs cleared these balls fairly well, and Greece has something missing in the field, a playmaker.

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