Thursday, June 21, 2012

Glee News! JESSICA SANCHEZ in talks with Glee to guest in Season 4!

TV Line has just revealed that in an exclusive interview, they were informed that they are presently negotiating with Jessica Sanchez to guest in Glee's 4th Season. 

In TV Line's report, they share, "There are no details yet available on what role Glee executive producer Ryan Murphy might have in store for the 16-year-old California native, but the plan would be to have her join the cast midway through the first half of Season 4, after she completes her duties on the Idols Live summer tour. Presumably, though, Sanchez’s character would in some capacity — either as part of McKinley High’s New Directions show choir or at the New York Academy for the Dramatic Arts where Rachel Berry is headed in the fall — compete for solos with the show’s existing and impressive stable of vocalists. In other words, if you love a diva-off (and who doesn’t?), Season 4 of Glee is about to get intense."

Well, that's great news right? Now, Filipinos have a new reason to watch out for Glee's Season 4! Who knows, she might just be the one that saves the show from being forgotten. Toink! :o)

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