Sunday, June 24, 2012

England vs Italy predictions

Administrator: England 0 - 0 Italy
The odds are tipping England as slight favorites for this one. England never beat a big team except when it won the world cup in 1966. Italy did n't play bad in the group stage, although they have a tendency to relax too much after 60 minutes. Italy have Giorgio Chiellini injured and even Thiago Motta is doubtful. England played a very organised way until now, with Gerrard providing ket passes throughout the whole match. Both teams reportedly trained for the penalties, and so if they think that it will end in the penalties so do we. In fct both teams always operated from counter attacks until now.

Twanny: England vs Italy 2-1
England manager Roy Hodgson has yet to encounter his first loss as the manager of the Three Lions, where he obtained four wins and a draw from his first 5 fixtures. The Englishman's success was based on the approach he has decided to adopt: solid at the back and defend as a whole. The Italians are also known for embracing this same philosophy, and as a result many are suggesting that the game will be balanced, with both sides cancelling each other out. The fear of losing and getting knocked out of the competition will likely drive the teams to be more wary of attacking, making sure that the respective attacking side does not get punished in a counter-attack. 

Nivek04: Italy vs England 2-1
A well balanced game this one. From what we have seen so far, Italy play really well in the first half but then seem to loose all their energy in the second half and play really bad. England are the opposite. They do not play very well in the first half and they only focus on defending. Then in the second half they make two changes and strike on the counter with deadly precision. It will be a tough match tonight for both teams but I think than Italy will win eventually, they are more lucky. 

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