Monday, June 25, 2012

Book Review: Last Rite by Lisa Desrochers

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This book was intense right from the beginning!

Luc's misconception of his usefulness led him to purposely break Frannie's heart, and boy, did it break mine, too. Luc tried so hard to act like the demon he was - heartless and ruthless. I think the author did a great job writing that Luc was also breaking inside the more he tried to harm Frannie's feelings.

Gabe: "My only goal is to protect her, Lucifer. Don't make this into something it isn't."

Luc: "Honestly, I really don't care what it is. I took what I wanted. Whatever's left is yours."

Frannie, just like any heroine, did things that she wasn't supposed to. She put herself in danger and trusted people she shouldn't have - even if that someone was her brother. She felt it somewhere inside her that she shouldn't be trusting him, but the family connection was too strong for her. She finally learned how to use her power, but sometimes she used it for something other than for good purposes. She was confused most of the time, and I felt bad for her.

Gabe was the angel that I wished I could hug and comfort. He experienced almost the same fate as Luc.  I felt so bad for him towards the end; I almost cried when I read he was "bloody and broken." I feared for the worst - thankfully I was wrong ;) He only lost his humanity and with that, I felt like my heart broke. It seems that in this trilogy, the "bad" guy is the one who won the girl. Good thing, Luc isn't so bad after all :)

Gabe: "Chill. She's just using me for my body."

Frannie: "I AM using you."

Gabe: "And I'm totally cool with that." 

I also liked that the title of each book in this trilogy were used once in a chapter. Finally, with all three books, I found most of the errors in Last Rite - spelling, grammatical - the like. It was still great, though. I finished it in 3-4 days :)

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