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Book Review: Bound by C.K. Bryant

Note: I received this book as a gift from the author.

This book was amazing! I don't know why I dragged my feet reading it in the beginning! When everything started making sense, I couldn't stop reading!!

Before I continue with the review, I must mention the technical negativities. The book was doing great until about 80% into it. That's when the errors started appearing. For my regular readers, you know this is never okay. Of course, the book was so good, they were easy to overlook! Okay, back to the review.

Kira - she was stubborn and most definitely not a mouse as her mother referred to her. She had strong will and courage to survive and protect her friends. From what I've read, she was also very strong and tolerable of pain. I wished I was like her. She went from being a regular high school girl to ending up in an entirely different world fighting for her life. Her relationship with Octavion made my heart want to burst with happiness. C.K. Bryant did an amazing job painting their beautiful relationship in paper.

Lydia - she was Kira's best friend. She hid her true identity for as long as she could until they were faced with danger and she almost died. Kira saved her by agreeing to be her protector who wore the Crystor. Crystor is a bracelet that attached to Kira's arm permanently or until Lydia died. Kira was bent on healing her friend despite the pain that it caused her. Did I mention Lydia has a "kindred spirit"? That means she has two souls. Pretty cool and complicated at the same time.

      Lydia leaned against a tree, sharpening her dagger on a stone as if preparing to skin a wild beast--Octavion. "It's been a while," she said. You sure you can handle this?"
      "Shall I let you win? Or would you prefer to do this my way?"
      "You let me win and I'll slit your throat while you sleep." 
      "She won't mind." Lydia interrupted his thoughts.
      Octavion swallowed hard. "I could make something warm to drink. Tea perhaps. That would keep her warm."
      "She doesn't need tea. She needs you. If you can't see that, maybe you don't deserve her. Besides, you need to rest."
      He took in a deep breath and blew it out through his mouth. "If she hates me come morning--"
      "She won't. I promise." Lydia wiggled down under the covers and turned her back to him again. A few seconds later she mumbled, "A girl could die of pneumonia waiting for you."  

Octavion - he was Lydia's brother. Wow, he sure did have a temper. He liked to growl which I thought was sexy, and he spoke formally, which was even sexier. I loved his stubbornness and the way he kept holding back his feelings. Even when he misunderstood Kira's advances, he was still adorable to me. Kira nicknamed him Dimples and I thought it was the cutest endearment! He was his sister's protector, but being in love with Kira sometimes conflicted with that duty.

Shandira - she was Octavion and Lydia's evil sister. She would stop at nothing until she got what she wanted. She was heartless. It was hard to believe she was related to such kind souls as Octavion and Lydia.

Toran - he was the wild cat that had the power to take away pain. He was also Octavion's pet. I fell in love with him, probably because he was mostly personified in the book. I was so sad when he met his end.
    Toran and Kira untangled their bodies as Octavion attempted to help her to her feet. Unfortunately, Toran stood at the same time and came up between them, pushing Octavion aside. Both man and beast let out a growl of frustration.
      Kira couldn't help but laugh. "I think he likes me," she said, giving Toran a good rub on the back.
      "He had better watch his manners or he will be my next meal," Octavion teased.
      Toran let out a ferocious roar as if to tell Octavion the same thing, then sauntered off toward the clearing.
      "I think he just got the last word," Kira said.
      Octavion smirked. "He usually does." 
Kira, Octavion, and Lydia went through so much together. They were all injured and healed thanks to Kira. Their relationship together were very fun to read. C.K. Bryant kept me laughing out loud in certain scenes, even slapping my leg at times. This book is magnificent (the errors needed to be fixed of course). I definitely recommend it!

Check out my other favorite scenes!
      Kira poked Lydia on the arm. "Tell me. Did he say something to you about his scratches?"
      "He didn't have to. But the fact that he won't let you heal them speaks volumes."
      "Well, not to me," Kira said. "Is he still mad and planning to get even or something?"
      "Not hardly. It's an animal thing--like when a dog marks his territory."
      This time, Kira laughed. "Dogs pee to mark their territory."
      "Okay, so that was a bad example, but the truth is, I think he likes that you're the one that gave him those scars and he's wearing them with pride."
      "In you dreams, maybe. He hates me."
      Lydia pulled into the parking lot and shut off the engine. She turned so Kira could see her face clearly. "He cares about you. He has for quite some time."
      Lydia smiled. "How would you feel if you liked someone, knew everything about them and wanted a relationship with them, but they didn't know you even existed? You'd be pretty frustrated, too."
      "Well, that's not my fault. Why take it out on me?"
      Lydia shrugged. "He's a man?" 
Octavion: "It would be difficult to make you my queen if I left you behind."
Kira: "Are you proposing?"
Octavion: "No. But when the time is right, I will."

If you liked this review, I think you should totally pick up the book!
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Finally, tell me in the comments: If you had a duty to your family and the person you're in love with is in danger, what would you do? Why?

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