Monday, June 18, 2012

Birthday + Vegas: Wrap-Up (Picture Heavy)

As I mentioned before, I had to work on my birthday. Thankfully, though, my female supervisor offered to take me to dinner after work. I had fun :) We ate some really good food, and I got dessert! I know for sure the universe has it out there for me, just look at what my fortune cookie says! Haha.

"The Great Wall of Chocolate" mini dessert :)

I had quite a fit after reading this!

I was so excited to go to Vegas for my birthday. I was very optimistic. Now that I'm back, a part of me wished I never went-at least not with the people I went with. Now I have a heaviness in my chest that I haven't felt in a while.

Anyway, instead of all that misery business, maybe I should focus on the good parts of the trip - which were thankfully caught in a photo (some of them at least).

The Good
  • Caesar's Palace
    • The structure was amazing. I loved the statues all around the building. I also appreciated that the statues' names were engraved underneath. I recognized some of them, too, which was great.

My brother

Left - Front, Right - Back
  • Impersonators - these people were amazing. The first one I saw was Captain Jack Sparrow! I was absolutely smitten with him. The actual person was gay, I could tell that much, but he was beyond magnificent. The makeup was right down to the detail, and that walk! Oh my gosh, I wanted to melt. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture. I also found Bumblebee and I was smitten all over again. There was also Optimus Prime. I didn't get a picture, either :( Finally, I was able to steal a picture of Buzz Light Year and Woody :)
  • Shopping!
    • Sephora - as mentioned in earlier posts, I won a little bit of money gambling. I have a good beginner's luck. So, when I saw Sephora, I knew what I wanted to buy. I was so excited, I've used the product twice already :) I asked the saleslady if she could match me again, and thankfully, I did - I found that the shade I was originally matched with had a pink undertone (150) and I didn't like it. So now I have 140 :)

    • Victoria's Secret - I also went here and bought some more underwear. I love their hip hugger panties :) I didn't take a picture of them, though!
    • Steve Madden - I was in a Steve Madden store for the first time. I saw shoes I liked but when I tried it on, I didn't fall in love. Now I will be on a hunt for Steve Madden locations so I can buy shoes :D I love the brand and the shoes are very comfortable.

  • Complimentary Gifts
    • Playing Cards - We checked in to Planet Hollywood on our first night. We went to the player's club desk to get a card. Me and my brother were given a complimentary deck of cards for our birthday.
  • Food
    • First, we went to a buffet over at the Wynn hotel. They stopped my brother from entering because he was wearing a tank top. It was ridiculous! Anyway, the food was good.

      Bathroom stalls at the Wynn

      Fancy sink area :)

      I look like sh**
    • When we moved to New York New York hotel the next day, we ate at Chin Chin for some Chinese lunch. The food was good. We had half chicken, half rack of ribs, fried rice, and mixed veggies.
    • For dinner that night, we went to Il Fornaio restaurant. Before then, we also went to the bakery of the same name.

I love calamari, but I discovered I shouldn't have eaten it all by myself. I felt sick afterwards.
  • Other pictures - I took some photos while we were driving.

Performance Reviews

  • Zumanity - the sensual side of Cirque de Soleil
    • My review: Wow, they really were sensual! Many topless women and sexy men! After watching the show, I really wished that I was with a special someone instead ;) The acrobatics were absolutely incredible. One of my favorites were the hoops. The woman who performed really was amazing keeping the hoops going. There was also a demonic character - all he did was growl. I thought to myself, he could growl to me anytime, LOL. I also enjoyed the crowd interaction :D

  • Jabbawockeez - Mus.I.C.
    • Wow, they were amazing. The lights, the costumes, and of course, the dancing. Performers like them are the reason why I strive to be a good performer. The sound of the people yelling their names were exhilarating. Those masks also had sex appeal, lol. My brother told me they were Filipino dancers - who knew! That's awesome. I was absolutely entertained :D They also danced "Single Ladies" by Beyonce! They were just incredibly amazing performers.

  • We were killing time before we went to Zumanity, so I turned on the TV. I saw this amazing performer - Katherine Jenkins. She had the most angelic voice I've heard! If I would ever get the chance to see her perform, that would be amazing. Check her out in the video below!

This was the video I watched. It was so romantic!

The Bad

  • Vegas + Me = Misery
    • My body just HATED Vegas. My nose were irritated the entire time - it hurt to breathe. The smell of smoke made it even worse. Every type of smell just made it worse for me. I was miserable.
    • The last day in Vegas, I was the most miserable because I couldn't sleep the night before - had trouble breathing. I felt like I was gasping half the time. My respiratory system felt like it was too weak to do its job. My misery showed on my face and pissed off the people I was with - I ended up walking away and just retreating to the hotel room to try to sleep. I felt like there was no consideration for my well-being - except my brother. He was thoughtful enough to get the medicine I needed. I could have been dying and I would be ignored. F. M. L.

Overall, as great as half the trip were, I don't plan on coming back to Vegas, unless it is someone special I'm going with. No more family trips. It was so bad, I went to my suicidal phase - I haven't felt that way for a couple years. It's amazing what a family member can make you feel. Anyway, hope you enjoyed the photos in this post, if nothing else.

Tomorrow, things will be back to normal here on the blog. I've got book reviews and book tours lined up. If you have any requests for posts, just let me know in the comments or send me an email :)

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