Thursday, June 28, 2012

Beckham not selected for the Olympics

David Beckham was not called to represent Great Britain for the Olympics football team. He said that he was disappointed at not being selected but he hoped that the team will win the gold medal. He was in Stuart Pearce 35 short list men, but was not included in the last team sheet as one of the 3 players who can be selected at the age of over 23. Pearce went to watch Beckham in Los Angeles Galaxy match, but instead he chose Micah Richards of Manchester City. Beckham said that Pearce phoned him to tell him the news, and even said that he wanted more cover at the back, and that's why he wasn't selected. Beckham this year signed a 2-year extension with Los Angeles, and he was also chosen in the ceremony of the flame handover. He said representing your country in a sports is always a thing to be proud of, and that's why he wished to be in the Olympics team. He said that he wanted to be part of history since the Great Britain football team will only be organised because the event is taking place in Great Britain. Pearce said that Beckham is a great player, but their were other players who merit being in the team. And that's why he was not chosen. He added that he wants to win and that's why he chose the strongest squad. The team's first match is against Senegal, UAE and finally Uruguay.

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