Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Aston Villa expected to capture Karim El Ahmadi

Aston Villa are expected to sign Karim El Ahmadi from Feyenoord for the sum of €2.5 million. The club's coach Paul Lambert confirmed this in an interview, were he said that the club is close to signing El Ahmadi. He said that the talk are still on-going as they are still to agree a sum of payment to Feyenoord, but he is confident that they are close. He also said that Karim El Ahmadi can help Aston Villa, as he has international experience and so it can be vital for Aston Villa. Feyenoord bought the player from Twente for the sum of €5 million in 2008. This signing will be Aston Villa's first signing of the season, but Lambert is expected to restructure Aston Villa's defense which is the strong point of Paul Lambert. 

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