Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Antonio Cassano apologizes after gay comments

After Tuesday Antonio Cassano's comments about homosexuality, he issued a statement apologizing for the comments, and saying that he was misinterpreted. Yesterday Cassano said that he hoped that there are no homosexuals in the Italy team. Cassano issued a statement after these comments, apologizing for what he said, as he knows that it caused some controversy. He said homophobia is not part of him, as he respects all sexual freedoms of people, and so he did not want to offend anyone about the comments. He said that in the interview he was misinterpreted as he only said that it is a problem that does not concern him, and so he can't judge what others choose to be. Cassano has undergone a heart surgery last October, after he felt ill. In fact he feared that not only will he play again, but even when he started training again, he was sure that he won't be part of Italy's squad, and so being here is special for him.

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